To understand if our mental health and addiction system is meeting the needs of people and communities, we need to develop a way to monitor and assess this.

We have created a draft framework called He Ara Āwhina, which means pathways to support. This will be used to monitor, assess, and advocate for improvements to Aotearoa’s mental health and addiction system, including services. 

He Ara Āwhina consultation

The Commission consulted on our draft He Ara Āwhina (Pathways to Support) framework from 7 March to 19 April 2022.

The final framework will be used to monitor the mental health and addiction system (including services) from 2023.

  • He Ara Āwhina is a framework that describes what an ideal mental health and addiction system looks like. 
  • We will use He Ara Āwhina to:  
    • monitor mental health and addiction services,  
    • monitor changes as the mental health and addiction system transforms, 
    • advocate for improvements to the mental health and addiction system, including services. 
  • He Ara Āwhina has a goal of a whānau dynamic mental health and addiction system.
  • There are two perspectives that show the ideal state of the mental health and addiction system:
    • Te Ao Māori perspective, which was developed by Māori, for Māori; and
    • Shared perspective.
  • These two perspectives work together, for instance the shared perspective also applies to Māori. 
  • Each perspective of He Ara Āwhina has six aspirations that describe what good looks like for people and whānau, and changes that we would expect to see in a future mental health and addiction system. 
  • He Ara Āwhina has been developed using feedback from communities in 2020 and 2021.
  • It has been co-designed with people who have expertise in Te Ao Māori; experience of mental distress, addiction, substance harm, or gambling harm; as well as youth, public health, and clinical expertise.

He Ara Āwhina co-define phase

Before the Commission developed He Ara Āwhina, we sought community feedback on why we should monitor mental health and addiction, what we should include in our monitoring approach, and how we should go about our monitoring work.

Read a summary report(external link) from this co-define phase of this framework.

Our expert advisory group

An expert advisory group (EAG) was set up to advise and guide us through the He Ara Āwhina co-development phase. 


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