Wāhanga raraunga Data phase

Once the He Ara Oranga wellbeing outcomes framework was drafted, the next step was to find what data were available to measure and monitor the performance of the mental health and wellbeing system.

In the data phase, the Initial Commission looked at how they could use information collected from many sectors to develop draft wellbeing indicators and measures for the framework.

Two Technical Advisory Groups (TAGs) were set up – one focused on mental health and addiction (MHA) service level data and the other on population level data. These groups supported the Initial Commission to complete a stocktake of all data sources that had a link to the wellbeing outcomes in the He Ara Oranga framework.

After the stocktake, the Initial Commission identified possible population level indicators and measures for tāngata whai ora (people with lived experience of mental distress and / or addiction). The data were compared against the wellbeing areas in the framework.

These data sources were assessed against criteria agreed by the TAGs to decide which indicators and measures could be shortlisted. Information gaps were also identified.

In February 2021, the Initial Commission Board approved the advice to the Commission and the Minister of Health about identified data gaps and implementation.

Read and download the data phase report


Data phase report pdf, 788 KB