Could you access mental health or addiction support when you needed it?

Tell us about your experience accessing, or trying to access, mental health and addiction services

We want to hear from people seeking help with mental distress or addiction:

  • If you have found help, tell us how easy or difficult it was to get what you needed.
  • If you didn’t find help, tell us what stopped you from getting the help you needed.
  • If you are whānau or supporting someone else, tell us about your experience.

Our focus is on trying to understand issues that people face when they try to seek help. This could be through a health service, online, calling a helpline, or other service.  This is open until 30 November 2023.

Everyone who fills in the form can go in the draw for one of four $250 Prezzy Virtual cards. We are giving away two cards to people who fill in the tāngata whaiora form, and two cards to whānau or people supporting someone.  

We will use the information we collect to promote changes to the mental health and addiction system.

Find about more about this project, see our FAQs.

Fill in our online form (or get in touch if you need help by email:

For tāngata whaiora, people seeking support use this link:

For whānau, people supporting someone use this link: