Technical Advisory Network

We are currently in the important stage of mahi (work) to develop the methods and measures for how we will monitor and assess the mental health and addiction system. Phase 1 of this work was completed at the end of 2022, and mahi will continue for measures where data does not exist or are not readily available.

We established a Technical Advisory Network (TAN) to provide advice and expertise of methods, measures, data sources and data gaps. This group was active during 2022 and had a diverse membership that covered the broad scope of He Ara Āwhina, priority groups, and experience of both methods and measures (qualitative and quantitative).

Find more information about the He Ara Āwhina framework here.

The Technical Advisors were

  • Sharon Shea (Chair) (she / her)
  • Ben Birks Ang (he / him)   
  • LJ Apaipo (he / him)
  • Suaree Borell (she / her)
  • Kerri Butler (she / her)
  • Ciaran Fox (he / him)
  • Nick Garrett (he / him)
  • Te Kani Kingi (he / him)
  • Amanda Luckman (she / her)
  • Leilani Maraku  (she / her)  
  • Hope McCrohon (she / her)
  • Marcelus Paki (she / her)
  • Ross Phillips (he / him)
  • Sheridan Pooley (she / her)
  • Dr Lynne Russell (ia / she / her)
  • Dr Jordan Waiti (PhD) (he / him)
  • Richard Woodcock (he / him)
  • Craig Wright (he / him)
  • Margaret Aimer
  • Frank Bristol
  • Jason Haitana
  • Lee Trezise
  • Denise Kingi Ulu'ave