Working towards the transformation of the mental health and wellbeing system


Recently, our Chief Executive, Karen Orsborn, had a chat with Gladys Hartson from Pasifika Wire - a news and podcast site for Pacific peoples in Aotearoa. The story and podcast interview was published late yesterday.

Karen spoke to Gladys about the purpose and functions of the Commission as well as the role of the Commission's Board.

Gladys asked her about the things that people need to know and understand about mental health and wellbeing and the current move in Aotearoa to transform our mental health and addiction system.

"He Ara Oranga talked about there being strong system oversight and an agency that really kept the pressure on the system and also governments to actually do better, and for the system to perform better. So we monitor mental health and addiction services and we also look at some of those wider factors such as housing, education, and employment that really have a big contribution to people’s wellbeing."

You can listen to the podcast highlights on YouTube or the full podcast interview on Spotify.