Covid-19 insights series Pacific connectedness and wellbeing in the pandemic

Published: June 2023

Te Hiringa Mahara has produced a series of short reports during 2022 and 2023 to add our collective understanding of the wellbeing impacts of the pandemic and to provide key insights on wellbeing areas or populations of focus.

Pacific connectedness and wellbeing in the pandemic

This report looks at the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the wellbeing of Pacific peoples in Aotearoa and shows how Pacific peoples’ connection – to family, community, culture and faith – has been a key source of strength and resilience in the pandemic.

Pacific peoples endured significant challenges in the pandemic, and this included serious disruption to the ways they connect with family, community, church, and culture.

However, throughout the worse periods of the pandemic, Pacific people drew on their connections to provide flexible and practical support to each other – support like trustworthy and accessible public health information, access to health care, food and care packages, and spiritual and social help.

The lessons learned from Pacific communities' experiences during the pandemic should inform future policies and responses.

Pacific people have shown that they know how to support their communities and we call on decision-makers to support greater wellbeing by listening to Pacific peoples, involving them in decision-making, and trusting and resourcing them to support each other and their communities.

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