Wāhanga tautuhi takirua Co-define phase

Over April and May 2020, the Initial Commission sought a range of views to start developing an outcomes framework for mental health and wellbeing.

When they started this work, their aim was to ensure that everyone could have their say on how the system will monitor, measure and improve our country's mental health and wellbeing.

To develop the He ara Oranga framework, the Inital Commission sought participation from people across Aotearoa including Māori, Pacific people, and people with lived experience of mental health and addiction.

Outcomes need to be what truly improves people’s wellbeing, and need to be simple and practical, with supports put in place for implementation.  

People said it needed to:
  • focus on equity and relevance for Māori,
  • be relevant for specific and diverse populations,
  • support a paradigm shift to wellbeing,
  • be focused on strengths, and
  • be relevant to all age groups.

Measures need to be meaningful, and be across quantitative, qualitative and mixed methodologies.

To learn more about the co-define phase of this work, read and download the full report below


  • Developing a Mental Health and Wellbeing Outcomes Framework pdf, 550 KB

  • Developing a Mental Health and Wellbeing Outcomes Framework docx, 162 KB