Ētahi atu ratonga kaupapa Māori More kaupapa Māori services


Māori, who make up 17% of the population and have higher rates of mental distress than other populations groups, have been advocating for equitable funding for kaupapa Māori services for decades.  

What needs to change?

We want to see:

  • Equitable investment in kaupapa Māori services, including any new mental health and addictions investment prioritising Kaupapa Māori services. 
  • Improved commissioning models that recognise mana motuhake and tino rangatiratanga and enable Māori providers to design, develop and deliver services appropriate to their communities.  
  • More kaupapa Māori services available across Aoteaora to support tāngata whaiora and whānau.

Why are kaupapa Māori services important?

Kaupapa Māori services offer a range of holistic services and supports that reflect whānau, hāpu, and iwi aspirations, and acknowledge the interconnection of whakapapa, mātauranga Māori healing and treatment options and resources developed by Māori.

Kaupapa Māori services are culturally, spiritually, and physically safe for Māori, and acknowledge wairuatanga as a key contributor to mental wellbeing. This is more effective for Māori – and offers more holistic options for non-Māori.

We are already seeing changes, but we need to see more

Currently, Access and Choice allocates 20% of funding for kaupapa Māori services, which is a heading in right direction.

  • The growth in Kaupapa Māori services over the last year is very encouraging.
  • The establishment of an additional 17 Kaupapa Māori services over 2021 and 2022 is commendable.
  • There are now 29 Kaupapa Māori services contracted across 19 out of 20 districts.